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Job Opportunities

Verdi Consulting, Inc. is a boutique federal accounting, management consulting and enterprise solutions firm.


  1. Limited experience which required some knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles, concepts and theories and the ability to apply them to a variety of financial problems. Limited knowledge to the theory, principles, and practices of fund accounting in a federal government environment.
  2. Limited experience with analyzing and interpreting financial data. Assists in preparing and gathering data for preparing reconciliation. Exposure to accounting data dealing with deposit funds, vendor payments, cash collections, un-liquidated obligations, payroll and/or property.
  3. Worked with at least one computerized accounting system. Worked with entering, researching and interpreting a few types of accounting transactions in the financial system.
  4. Limited exposure to working with computerized word processing and spreadsheet application software.
  5. Demonstrated skills in the accomplishment of team/section goals and objectives, in which the scope of the work involves interaction with other team members and employees limited to personnel at a subordinate level. Skill in maintaining effective working relationship to communicate financial matters, both orally and in writing.
  6. Experience with robotic process automation required

To apply for this job opportunity, please email your resume to